Kraken Products, LLC

Based in Los Angeles, Kraken Products LLC is the parent company behind a variety of brands and apps. The name Kraken Products was inspired by a mythological creature that was reported to have many long legs allowing it to engage multiple targets simultaneously. Similarly Kraken Products is well diversified and engaged in many different markets.


Flower Soap Art sells 100% hand crafted art pieces carved from scented hand soap into a variety of flower shapes, then hand painted and mounted inside uniquely decorated mango wood shells. Visit site »


CBD provides a physical location in Los Angeles where former brides can sell their dresses on consignment to eager future brides looking to save a lot of money on mint condition “used” dresses! Visit site »


Stop Screaming Polly sells wirelessly controlled strobe light devices designed to quickly and efficently train pet parrots to stop screaming for attention. Visit site »


Mobsly is the latest and greatest FREE online MMORPG text-based role-playing game. With dozens of new features, Mobsly is quickly growing to be the #1 browser game. Visit site »


Notary Quotary provides a fast and effective way for anyone to quickly receive a quote or even immediately schedule their preferred notary service. Visit site »


Airbnb Hell encourages Airbnb Guests and Hosts to share their experiences in an attempt to educate and warn others of the possible risks of using Airbnb. Visit site »